We-Fi's goal is to foster the growth of grassroots ubiquitous wireless networks by spreading information & knowledge on open source technologies that enable individuals to share their Internet and participate in wireless community building. We-Fi's primary endeavors are the Community Network & the Community Group.

The Community Network is an initiative for the adoption of open source firmware for wireless routers, like Coova, DD-WRT, & OpenWRT that will facilitate participation in managed community networks.

The We-Fi Community Group is a Los Angeles based public forum for people interested in Wi-Fi, community building, and the Web to discuss ideas, get help, and present projects.

Our Howto page hosts some good advice for people interested in building community networks.

The We-Fi Blog features timely news and information on wireless culture, communities, and art.

We are always up to new stuff, so check out our other projects too.


For more information contact info {AT} we-fi.org or sign-up for our mailing list (bellow) to receive periodic updates about We-Fi news, events, & classes.