The Coordinator establishes a process for onboarding Code signatories that is efficient, but also ensures commitments are properly logged and that they are real and traceable. The Onboarding Process consists of the following steps:

▷ Signatory submits commitmentincluding checklist of potential actions ​

▷ Signatory completes onboarding form within 1-2 months

▷ Coordinator validates that submission meets minimum criteria and includs Signatory in public list ​

▷ Signatory provides first year of data one year from signature

 The Coordinator requires sufficient time and resources to review and validate signed commitment letters and onboarding forms. Wherever possible, submissions should be made electronically, with a mechanism for recording and tracking submissions. 

The onboarding form collects basic data from each Code signatory, including their Code commitments so that they can be properly documented and tracked. The form can be filled out at the time of the commitment letter signing, but the onboarding form is more detailed and may take more time to complete. Submitting it within 1–2 month after signing is acceptable. The Code’s global onboarding form templates for FSP and Ecosystem Signatories  can be adjusted to the local context to request the following information from Code signatories: 

→ Basics: Institution name, location, type of institution

→ Leadership: Contact information and profile of the organization’s Code champion, as well as other contacts

→ Action: Details on action commitments, including description, key milestones, and expected outcomes

→ Data: Definitions to be used (for women-led enterprise, microenterprise, SMEs), timeline and path for providing baseline and annual data on key indicators

→ Optional: FSPs are encouraged to provide any baseline data they have at onboarding and list their areas of existing expertise, as well as areas of learning they would like to develop

The Coordinator validates the data and ensures the form is filled out correctly, providing feedback if this is not the case. Action commitments must be clearly articulated with a rough timeline of key milestones and expected outcomes that, where possible, are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Once the form is validated, the signatory is informed and its name is added to the public list of Code signatories.