A launch event can spread awareness and create some urgency to sign the Code. A high-level, well-organized show of commitment with an initial group of signatories can create media and market buzz. Holding the event around International Women’s Day or another landmark occasion strengthens the relevance for media and others. Inviting representatives from implementation partner or donors can help link the Code’s national program to the global effort. The launch event can include a workshop, panel discussions, presentations by women entrepreneurs and Code champions, a signing ceremony, photo opportunities, and press releases.

Suggestions for a Launch Event: 

  • Flagship national event for International Women’s Day ​hosted by Country Champions
  • Keynote: Finance Minister, Central Bank Governor, Bank CEO 
  • Panel of national coalition members
  • Speaking opportunities for selected women entrepreneurs
  • High-level global participation by IPs, investors or other ecosystem partners
  • Invite CEOs of Banks, Fintechs, MFIs, Funds, Financial Infrastructure providers
  • Encourage participants to sign up to the Code and take action